As a health and fitness coach, I work with clients who are strapped for time and fitting in a workout is often just another stressor on their to-do list. People assume that if they don’t have a lot of time, it’s not even worth it to squeeze in a workout. But I always encourage people to get in any movement they can — and yes, completing a short workout daily can be enough to maintain your health. By exercising for even just 10 minutes you can boost your physical fitness, energy and mood.

One study showed that a short 10-minute burst of activity can boost your brain power. Another study found that those who exercised for 10 minutes with one minute of high-intensity intervals saw the same improvement in insulin sensitivity and other markers of cardiometabolic health as those who exercised at a moderate pace for 45 minutes straight. So the research is convincing that just 10 minutes of movement can make a difference.